"Against All Flags" "Subete no Hata ni Somuite" (すべての旗に背いて)

  • Legend of Galactic Heroees OVA Episode 065


Rumors spread around the Alliance on the whereabouts of Yang and Lennenkanpt. El Facil, the only independent planet not under Imperial supervision, aggressively tries to recruit Yang. Yang decides to remain on the sidelines. The reasoning behind's Yang's caution is due to the Yang fleet not having enough military power to protect El Facil or any other systems. Yang decides his next action depends heavily on the Empire's next move. On Heinessen, Lebello considers the possibility of Yang allying with the Empire for revenge as well as asking Yang to return and lead the Alliance. Reinhard receives a report on the truth behind Yang's movements and Lennenkanpt's actions. Reinhard summons his three top Imperial Military commanders...

Background InformationEdit




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