Fourteenth Kaiser of the Goldenbaum Dynasty. He reigned from Imperial Year 247 to Imperial Year 253. He was named "The Blood-Maker."

He took the throne in Imperial Year 247 at the age of 27. He was betrayed and killed in Imperial Year 253 at the age of 33. Among all of the successive Goldenbaum Dynasty Kaisers, his reputation as an extremely atrocious Kaiser is the greatest. Commoners, as well as nobles, his mother, brothers and even relatives became the targets of his massacre. It's said that all of the cabinet ministers were executed a mere week after his enthronement. The number of people he slaughtered is said to be between 60 million and 200 million. After he was defeated by a punitive force sent by his cousin, marquis Rinderhof, he was killed by a subordinate.

Physical appearance: Extremely heavy-set, with a frail skeleton and musculature to support it. "So big he looked like melted lard."

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