The personal flagship of Imperial Admiral Wolfgang Mittermeyer.

Military ServiceEdit

Following the basic hull design of the standard Imperial battleship, the Beowulf featured greatly improved navigational systems and improved engine capacity. This made the Beowulf capable of hitting targets more accurately at greater distances, and also allowed it to catch up with enemy vessels suprisingly fast. These modifications also left the Beowulf, and her sister ship, the Tristan, with fewer guns than the stander battleship.

The Beowulf was damaged several times in its career, including the Battle of the Amlitzer System, and the Battle of the Corridor. The name Beowulf comes from the legend by the same name, of British origin.

Mechanical DetailsEdit

Length: 988 meters.

Width: 242 meters.

Height: 248 meters.

Aramament: 6 forward cannons; 12 port cannons; 12 starboard cannons.