"Eve of the Festival" "Matsuri no Mae" (祭りの前)

  • Legend of Galactic Heroees OVA Episode 076


Wahlan, Mecklinger, and Kesler discuss the security and happenings of the old Imperial territories. A huge fire breaks out on Heinessen, causing massive property damage and casualties. Through Reuenthal's meticulously planned emergency countermeasures, the situation is handled efficiently. The Patriotic Knights Corps are made scapegoats for the fire. Reuenthal is relieved of his position as Chief of the High Command and made Governor General of all previous Alliance territories. Rubinsky plans to an assassination attempt at Princess Grünewald, Reinhard's sister. March 23rd, 800 S.C. / 2 N.I.C.: Admirals Bittenfeld and Fahrenheit lead their fleets to secure space around Iserlohn.

Background InformationEdit




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