Personal warship of Imperial Fleet admiral Ulrich Kesler.

Military ServiceEdit

The Forseti was a battleship of the same line as the Skirnir, designed primarily to fucntion as the flagship of a fleet--which, among other things, meant decreased firepower in favor of increased armor and mobility.

Ulrich Kesler's duties under Rheinhard von Lohengramm chiefly involved planetside work. As such, he rarely commanded fleets from the Forseti's bridge. The only military campaign in which the Forseti was an active participant was the war against the Lippstadt Rebellion, in the Imperial Civil War.

Mechanical DetailsEdit

Length: 938 meters.

Width: 210 meters.

Height: 215 meters.

Armament: 10 forward cannons; 18 port cannons; 18 starboard cannons.


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