Franz von Mariendorf

Count Franz von Mariendorf is a member of the nobility, he is best known for helping to implement major reforms and holding holding vice minister positions in the old galactic empire and holding of Secretary of State, as well as being the father of the second empress of the Goldenlohen Dynasty, Hildegard von Lohengramm.

Early life and political careerEdit

Franz Von Mariendorf was born into one of the more liberal and least corrupt and very distingish high noble families. It is known that he served four years to six years in the Imperial armed forces and alot of it was not force under he was commanding he served LT. to rear admiral which he retired this was by personal request and family values and alot of his service was on the front lines he also got to alot imperal citizens in person which would inspire him in the future he later than after that he got married to the one of the few collage educated woman in the galactic empire. he went into the imperal beuroracy like his family expected to and became vice minister of alot of positions he also during that time phzzan and terranest were connected to a degree but did how much connected. In Imperial Year 487, Franz acted on behalf of Kaiser Friedrich IV to persuade Maximilian von Kastrop to agree to the Kaiser's terms, and surrender the money that his father, Oigen von Kastrop, had stolen from the Empire durring his term as Treasury Secretary. Franz von Mariendorf was unable to prevent the Kastrop Rebellion, and was imprisoned on Kastrop for the durration of the rebellion.

Personal lifeEdit

Franz von Mariendorf had no family to speak of, other than his only daughter, Hildegard von Mariendorf, whom he loved greatly. When the Lippstadt Conspiracy split the Empire in a civil war, Franz's first impulse was to stay neutral than if he had to had been to side with Prince Otto von Braunschweig against the Imperial Regent, Klaus von Lichtenlade, and Reinhard von Lohengramm.

Hildegard argued with her father against that course of action, and after considering it he allowed her to do as she saw fit-- and to allow the family to ally directly with Reinhard von Lohengramm--effectively ceding political control over the Mariendorf family to his daughter. In exchange for her support, Hildegard von Mariendorf persuaded Reinhard to agree to allow the nobles that did not rebel against him to keep their wealth, property and titles after most nobility lost theirs for rebeling agienst Reinhard.

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