"Holy Land" "Seichi" (聖地)

  • Legend of Galactic Heroees OVA Episode 063


The Wahlen Imperial fleet arrives near Earth orbit. An Earth Cultist within Wahlen's flagship attacks Wahlen with a poisoned blade. Wahlen's arm is amputated and he goes into a coma. Meanwhile, Julian and Poplan realize the food being served to cultists has minute amounts of Thyoxin, a mind control poison. Julian goes through withdrawal symptoms, and meets up with the others in the infirmary. Wahlen awakens from his coma and orders a ground assault and missile bombardments of the Terraism fortress. The Imperial forces and Julian's friends (Posing as Phezzan infiltrators.) work together against the Earth Cultists. Julian and the others escape with the Terraism data while the cultists detonate the Earth cult fortress.

Background InformationEdit




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