ISC Assault Carrier

Similar in size to an Imperial Heavy Battlecruiser, Battleships were designed primarily for the transportation and support of Valkyrie attack craft, as well as long-range artillery support (a role typically filled by the Imperial Battlecruiser). Despite their function as carrier craft, these warships were heavily armed and armored to ensure their survival, which allowed them to function as front-line warships. Due to its dual-role capabilities, Imperial Battleships are sometimes referred to as "Assault Carriers."

In addition to its main armaments, Battleships would also have been armed with smaller anti-fighter laser weapons, as well as a high quanity of anti-ship missiles/torpedoes (typically far more than typical for vessels of its size). Their large hangars also made these warships will-suited as transport vessels in a pinch, making the Battleship one of the most versatile warships in the Imperial Fleet.

Typical Mechanical DetailsEdit

Length: Unknown (roughly 1200 meters)

Width: Unknown (roughly 300 meters)

Height: Unknown (roughly 230 meters)

Armament: 12 forward cannons; 15 port cannons; 15 starboard cannons; 8 dorsal cannons.

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