ISC Heavy Battlecruiser

These enormous warships provided valuable artillery-support in fleet battles. Slower and less agile than most other ships in their fleets, their sheer size and firepower alone often made them very appealing to serve as command and control ships. Geared for offensive engagements, most of the Heavy Battlecruiser's weapons are angled forward. These ships can carry a number of Valkyrie fighter craft, and can produce large volleys of missiles, allowing it to function as an assault carrier. The Heavy Battlecruiser's large hangar bays also made it ideally suited for use as a troop transport or, if need be, a supply ship. Because of this, Heavy Battlecruisers are sometime refered to as "Heavy Assault Carriers."

By the time Reinhard von Lohengramm established the Goldenlohen Dynasty, the primary role of the Heavy Battlecruiser shifted to support artillery and heavy carrier roles, as its role as an assault warship had largely been usurped by the smaller but more versatile Imperial Battleship. The chief reasons for the shift lie in the fact that the Heavy Battlecruiser's older design lacked the more powerful communications and sensor technologies incorporated in the Battleships, rendering these heavily armed and armored behemoths more suited for mid and rear-line duty than frontline offensice operation.

Typical Mechanical DetailsEdit

Length: 1210 meters.

Width: 291 meters.

Height: 311 meters.

Armament: 22 forward cannons; 10 port cannons; 10 starboard cannons.


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