"Invitation to A Requiem" "Chinkonkyoku (Rekuiemu) e no Shōtai" (鎮魂曲(レクイエム)への招待)

  • Legend of Galactic Heroees OVA Episode 042


Julian arrives on Phezzan. The next evening, he attends his welcome party. Julian spreads conjecture about a possible invasion of Phezzan from the Empire. Reinhart organizes his fleet for operation Ragnarok. Admiral Bucock tries to warn the Alliance National Defense Council about a possible Phezzan corridor attack, but is ignored. November 20, 798 S.C. / 489 I.C.: Admiral Reuenthal leading an Imperial Fleet of 36,000 ships lays siege to Iserlohn. Carrying out the first part of Operation Ragnarok.

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