The Flagship of the 4th Fleet, under the command of Vice Admiral Pastoll, Leonidas was a heavy-battleship, the 11th vessel
constructed of the Patoroklos design. The ship was commissioned in SE 786, under the command of a Lieutenant Pasteur.

The ship is notable for the peculiar shape of the communication equipment in the lower hull, which was more advanced than standard equipment. The Leonidas also had a large hangar in the rear to accommodate large troop landings. The Leonidas fought in the Third Battle of Tiamat and survived, but was eventually sunk in combat against Reinhard von Lohengramm at the Battle of Astarte.

Mechanical DetailsEdit

Length: 1159 meters.

Width: 358 meters.

Height: 401 meters.

Armament: 32 forward cannons; 36 port cannons; 36 starboard cannons.