Neue Sansoucci
The Imperial Palace of the Galactic Empire, Neue Sanssouci was a decadent, opulent palace complex located in the Imperial City, On Odin Imperial Capital.

Neue Sanssouci was the residence of the Emperor of the Galactic Empire during the Goldenbaum Dynasty. The palace, its magnificent gardens, and sprawling luxurious grounds served as the main stage for the Empire's Aristocracy, as well as many government fuctions and ceremonies. Members of the High Nobility used to host or attend garden parties and balls at the palace. The Imperial Court at Neue Sansoucci was also a place of political intrigue, gossip, and competition. It was the center of power of the Galactic Empire.

By law, no other structure on the entirey of the planet Odin was allowed to be built taller than Neue Sanssouci.


The grounds of Neue Sanssouci were divided into four quadrants. The East Garden was the center of governmental power, where the Kaiser held audiences and meetings. The Imperial Family was housed in the South Garden. The West Garden held the "Rear Palace," wherein lived the emperor's Harem. The North Garden was a large park, for hunting, kept stocked with deer and foxes. The total area of Neue Sanssouci is approximately 66 square kilometers. Within the structures, there are more than 400 kilometers of corridors.

The layouts of the various palaces and structures are riddled with secret passages and hidden entrances.


Neue Sanssouci, or "New Sanssouci," was named after Sanssouci Palace on Earth, which served as the Summer Palace for Frederick the Great, the king of Prussia. Sanssouci Palace was located just outside of Berlin.

Under the Goldenlohen Dynasty, the reign of Rheinhard von Lohengramm, Neue Sanssouci underwent massive reductions in palace expenses. The West and North Gardens were both completely shut down and sealed off. Fully half of the buildings in both the East and South Gardens were closed down. Aside from a few formal national ceremonies, all governmental duties were handled in the Kaiser's office, which acted as the center of Rheinhard's government.