"One Thin Thread" "Hosoi Ippon no ito" (細い一本の糸)

  • Legend of Galactic Heroees OVA Episode 029


In Phezzan, Rubinsky explains his plans to a bishop of the Earth Cult. He will use his contacts in the Free Planets Alliance, such as chairman Trüniht, to make the Alliance crumble from inside, paving the way for an Imperial victory. Then, Reinhard is to be murdered. Kesselring is sent to the Alliance's commissioner in Phezzan, saying the financial support can continue only if the Alliance is a stable democracy, hinting that Yang is willing to seize power. In Iserlohn, Alex Cazellnu is concerned about Yang's safety: for the time being, his skills are needed, but he fears that Trüniht wants to dispose of him in the end. In Heinessen, Trüniht, who dislikes Yang's popularity, asks the Secretary of Defence, Negreponte, to form an inquiry committee about Yang's action during the coup.

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