"Premonition of the Storm" "Arashi no Yokan" (嵐の予感)

  • Legend of Galactic Heroees OVA Episode 087


As if to escape the feelings of his rival's death, Reinhard works industriously in administrative tasks. In the rain, Reinhard ponders the pact he made with Kircheis and Reuenthal during a storm. At that time, Reuenthal had asked Reinhard's help in freeing Mittermeyer from nobles using their influence to kill him. Mittermeyer had executed a noble born soldier for killing and looting. On Heinessen, Reuenthal does swift moves to clean out corrupt ex-alliance politicians and military industry owners. Reuenthal feels that cleaning out corruption helps justify his rule in Heinessen. Mittermeyer meets his wife Evangelin at the space port.

Background InformationEdit




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