Personal battleship of Imperial admiral August Samuel Wahlen. Its most unique feature is a pair of claws at the bottom of the ship that allow it to land on rocky surfaces.

Military ServiceEdit

Serving as the flagship of admiral Wahlen's fleet, the Salamander was designed for rapid landing operations. The Salamander was instrumental in the Imperial Assault on Terra to eradicate the Earth Cult.

It was heavily Damaged in the Second Battle of Rantemario, and would narrowly avoid being destroyed by the Thor Hammer during the 13th Iserlohn Offensive.

Mechanical DetailsEdit

Length: 992 meters.

Width: 210 meters.

Height: 244 meters.

Armament: 6 forward cannons; 17 port cannons; 17 starboard cannons.

Crew: August Samuel Wahlen (High Admiral), Kamfuber (Rear Admiral), Leiwul (Vice Admiral), Wumerlink (Vice Admiral), Kleiber (Commodore) Hauff (Commander), Dunkel (Captain).

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