3 "Sudden Change" "Kyūten" (急転)

  • Legend of Galactic Heroees OVA Episode 053


Yang's fleet nears firing range of the Brunhilde, but a message from Heinessen declares a ceasefire. During the battle of Vermillion, Hildegard had convinced Mittermeyer fleet to take Heinessen. Hildegard is wary of Reuenthal's ambitions, but has Mittermeyer convince Reuenthal to join the Heinessen attack. In Hildegard's judgement, the battle of Vermillion would have concluded in Reinhard's death before the other fleets could return in time. Trüniht plans to surrender, while the other members of the Alliance government would prefer to fight and die. During the meeting, armed Earth Cult members rescue Trüniht. The surrender of the Alliance has divided Yang's staff, some preferring to ignore orders and kill Reinhard while others grudgingly accept the ceasefire. It is decided that a portion of Yang's staff will escape with Admiral Merkatz to a life of piracy.

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