Susanna von Benemunde

The Baroness Susana von Benemunde served as Imperial Consort to Kaiser Friedrich IV for several years, before he dismissed her in favor of Annerose von Grünewald. Unable to accept losing the Emperor's favor, Benemunde hatched several plots to win back Friedrich's favor. Mostly, these involved assassination attempts on Annerose's younger brother, Rheinhard von Lohengramm. These ill-concieved attempts all failed, yet there was never sufficient proof to indict the Baroness.

As her last, desparate act, Lady Benemunde decided to murder Annerose von Grünewald herself. Benemunde's grief at having been stricken from Friedrich's sight was so great that she believed he would return to her, if only Annerose were dead. The plan failed, and at the order of the Kaiser, Benemunde was forced to drink poision, thus committing suicide. It was announced that she died of natural causes, and Kaiser Friedrich IV personally attended her funeral.

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