"The Battle of the Corridor, Part Three" "Kairō no Tatakai (kōhen) ~Dai Shinsei no Shūmaku" (回廊の戦い(後編)〜大親征の終幕〜)

  • Legend of Galactic Heroees OVA Episode 081


The Imperial fleets adopt a tactic of attrition via rotations. The Müller fleet, Mittermeyer's subordinates, Bittenfeld and many other Admirals rotate on the battle line. Yang's fleet, with less that 20,000 ships left fights on with no rotations in manpower. Bittenfeld's elite troops cause a fatal blow to Yang's fleet. Admiral Fischer, the one in charge of Yang's fleet maneuvers is killed in battle. Reinhard passes out from sickness. A ceasefire is announced. The Yang fleet passes out in Iserlohn.

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