"The Battle of the Corridor, Part Two" "Kairō no Tatakai (chūhen) ~Bankakyō (Kareidosukōpu)~" (回廊の戦い(中編)〜万華鏡(カレイドスコープ)〜)

  • Legend of Galactic Heroees OVA Episode 080


Attenborough's fleet lines the entrance of the corridor with mines. He plans to snipe the Imperial fleet as they come through small holes within the minefield. The Imperial fleet creates 5 entry holes through the minefield to establish a bridgehead. Steinmetz is killed in battle. The Imperial fleet movements are sluggish within the corridor. Reuenthal orders the Imperial fleet to feign a retreat. The Yang fleet approaches the Reinhard's flagship but is unable to penetrate the battle line. Both sides withdraw.

Background InformationEdit




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