"The Crimson Star Road" "Shinku no Seiro (Kurimuzon Sutārōdo)" (深紅の星路(クリムゾン·スターロード))

  • Legend of Galactic Heroees OVA Episode 107


In late May of Space Calendar 801, New Imperial Calendar 3 a refugee ship chased by Imperial ships runs into the Julian fleet. The Julian fleet decides to engage the Imperial ships. Eventually both sides send reinforcements and the full number of ships for each fleet is present. The Imperial fleet includes 51,700 ships while the Julian fleet has 9,800 ships. Both fleets act cautiously rotate their front line forces. Reinhard collapses midway through the battle. A communications blackout results in frustration from the Imperial admirals. Poplan intercepts some communications betweet Mittermeyer's ship and Reinhard's flagship. The Julian fleet decides to board the Brunhilde with melee infantry.

Background InformationEdit




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