"The Golden Lion Flag (Goldenlöwe) Loses Its Light" "Ōgon Shishi Ki (Gōrudenrūve) ni Hikari nashi" (黄金獅子旗(ゴールデンルーヴェ)に光なし)

  • Legend of Galactic Heroees OVA Episode 109


Julian, Poplan, and the remaining Rosen Ritter soldiers return to Iserlohn. The setting is mixed, a truce was given but the Julian fleet lost many important members. Julian and Kate decide to officially have a dating relationship. Both the Reinhard and Julian fleets arrive on Heinessen. Rubinsky kills himself in the hospital, setting off multiple bombs under Heinessenpolis tied to his brain waves. Reinhard and Julian discuss the next steps politically. It is agreed that Heinessen and its surrounding systems are to be given autonomy for the ownership of Iserlohn. They consider setting up a constitution for the Empire. Both Julian and Reinhard's staff prepare to leave to Phezzan.

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