"The Künmel Incident" "Kyunmeru Jiken" (キュンメル事件)

  • Legend of Galactic Heroees OVA Episode 057


Emperor Reinhard announces his new cabinet. Through a personal favor to Hildegard's father, the new secretary of state, Reinhard agrees to visit Künmel. During the lunch, it is revealed that Künmel and the Earth cult had placed explosives under the court. Trüniht leaks information to the chief of ministry police Kesler; an assassination attempt is planned on Reinhard. The Earth cultists around Odin are attacked in full force by the military police. Reinhard disables the trigger, via Künmel complacency. The Mariendorfs are put under house arrest. July 10, 799 S.C. / 1 N.I.C.: Julian crew arrives on Earth, that same day the Empire decides to suppress Earth by force.

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