The Lippstadt Conspiracy "Rippushutatto no Mitsuyaku" (リップシュタットの密約)

  • Legend of Galactic Heroees OVA Episode 018


Prince Brauschweig and marquis Littenheim team up to overthrow the young Emperor and get rid of Reinhard. Count Franz von Mariendorf wants to join the conspiracy, but his daughter, Hildegard persuade him not to do so because a new order is rising under Reinhard. She goes to Reinhard and offer her family's allegiance. The high nobles create the Lippstadt League, led by Braunschweig and Littenheim; admiral von Merkatz agrees (although reluctantly) to command their military forces. April, 6, 797 S.C. / 488 I.C.: Reinhard strikes first and manages to arrest many conspirators, but Brauschweig and Littenheim flee and regroup most of their forces in the Geiesburg Fortress.

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