"The Prodigal Sons Come Home" "Tōjitachi no Kitaku" (蕩児たちの帰宅)

  • Legend of Galactic Heroees OVA Episode 070


All military campaigns for both the Alliance and Empire are put on hold to celebrate the new year. Admiral Lutz starts receiving multiple conflicting launch and Iserlohn defense orders. Reinhard is furious at Lutz's refusal to launch. Lutz finally launches with all his forces, hoping to sandwich the El Facil fleet between him and Thor's Hammer. The Rosen Ritter disable the Thor's Hammer with a previously encoded computer lock down code. The enemy infantry forces are superior in numbers, but not in skill or morale. The Rossen Ritter eventually enter a backup control room and fire the Hammer at Lutz's returning fleet. January 14th, 800 S.C. / 2 N.I.C.: Iserlohn is once again under Yang's control.

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