Rudolph von Goldenbaum

The following timeline is presented primarily through the Common Era system of dating, also known as Anno Domini. When applicable, Space Era and Imperial Year dates are also included in parentheses.

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The First Human HegemonyEdit

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CE 2039Edit

CE 2129Edit

  • After 90 years of chaos, the nations of the Earth are united under a single banner: the "Earth Unity Government" is formed, with its capital in Brisbane, Australia.

CE 2166Edit

  • Construction is begun on what will eventually become the largest research installation in human history, in orbit of Io, on of the four largest Jovian moons.

CE 2253Edit

  • A slower-than-light starship is sent on a mission of exploration to Alpha Centauri. It vanishes somewhere in the void between stars, never to be seen again.

CE 2360Edit

  • The first faster-than-light drive (Warp) is developed, however it has dangerous side effects for human females.

CE 2391Edit

  • The FTL warp drive is finally perfected, allowing for interstellar travel. Infertility is no longer an issue.

CE 2402Edit

  • The first habitable planet other than Earth is discovered, in orbit of the Canopus star.

CE 2404Edit

  • As the first colony ship is dispatched for the Canopus system, the Earth Unity Government establishes a "Navigation Safety Department" to oversee interstellar travel. The NSD will later adopt the name "Department of Public Safety."

CE 2428Edit

  • The Department of Public Safety reorganizes itself as a formal navy.

CE 2682Edit

  • Disgruntled colony worlds protest disproportionate representation in Humanity Congress, interference in local administration and unfairly high taxes. The Humanity Congress is organized so that the people of Earth will always have a majority over the colony worlds.
  • In response to public criticism of unfair congressional representation, the Earth Unity Government uses the colony of Sirius as a scapegoat, claiming that the Sirius government is spreading subversive propaganda in an effort to seize control of the nation.

CE 2685Edit

Earth's denunciation of Sirius ends up galvanizing the opposition. The disgruntled colonies secede from the Humanity Congress, forming their own Sirius Congress. The Sirius Congress then begins building up its military power in preparation for a confrontation with Earth.

CE 2689Edit

  • Earth attacks the colony on Sirius VI, Rondolina, to suppress the dissident movement. The Earth soldiers become increasingly undisciplined as the occupation of Rondolina wears on, culminating in a massacre of civilians at the city of Laglane.

CE 2703Edit

  • The lack of discipline among the Earth Fleet allows the much smaller "Black Fleet" of the Sirius Congress to win a series of decisive victories.

CE 2704Edit

  • The Black Fleet established a blockade around the inner planets of the Sol system. After two months of blockade, the Black Fleet assaults Earth, killing most of the starving population and devastating the planet's surface.

CE 2706Edit

  • Following the death of their leader, the Revolutionary Congress dissolves. The various rebel colonies then fight among each other for control, eventually fragmenting into a number of independent city-states.

Dawn of the Space EraEdit

CE 2801 (SE 001)Edit

  • A new calendar is adopted, the "Space Era," beginning in the 2801st year of the Common Era.

CE 2906 (SE 106)Edit

  • In order to deal with the continuing threat of space pirates and remnants from the Earth-Sirius War who refused to integrate back into society, the USG authorizes the formation of a large military fleet.

CE 3088 (SE 288)Edit

  • A military genius named Rudolph von Goldenbaum leads the USG's space fleets against the resurgent pirates, wiping them all out.
  • Rudolph von Goldenbaum becomes a national hero, idolized throughout colonized space.

CE 3096 (SE 296)Edit

  • Rudolph von Goldenbaum, having been promoted to rank of admiral by the age of 28, retires from the military to run for a seat in Parliament.
  • Rudolph von Goldenbaum forms the National Reform Alliance. The public sees the USG government as decadent, disorderly and corrupt. To them, Rudolph is a man of principle who promises to usher the galaxy into a golden age.

Birth of the Goldenbaum DynastyEdit

CE 3110 (SE 310, Imperial Year 1)Edit

  • President-for-life Rudolph von Goldenbaum declares himself emperor of the newly formed Galactic Empire.
  • To commemorate his ascension to the throne, Kaiser Rudolph institutes a new calendar--the Imperial Year.

CE 3120 (SE 320, Imperial Year 9)Edit

  • Emperor Rudolph von Goldenbaum declares the Inferior Genes Exclusion Act, which mandates the sterilization of the handicapped and execution of the mentally ill.
  • Rudolph von Goldenbaum also terminates all forms of social aid for the poor.
  • An aristocratic class is created through the selection "superior genetic specimens." The new nobility is predominantly white, and all are given germanic names and titles by the emperor.

CE 3141 (SE 341, Imperial Year 42)Edit

  • Emperor Rudolph is succeeded by his grandson, Sigismund I.
  • Widespread democratic rebellions break out across Imperial territory, only to be brutally suppressed. millions of people have their citizenship revoked, becoming serfs, as punishment for being related to, or even being known associates of executed rebels.

CE 3263 (SE 463, Imperial Year 164)Edit

Foundation of the Free Planets AllianceEdit

CE 3327 (SE 527, Imperial Year 218)Edit

  • Heinnesen's refugees, having fled more than 10,000 light years from the Empire, discover a habitable world on which to settle. They name the planet Heinessen in memory of their leader, who did not survive to see the journey end.
  • The Imperial refugees on Heinessen establish the democratic Free Planets Alliance, and revive the old Space Era calendar.

CE 3440 (SE 640, Imperial Year 331)Edit

  • The Empire discovers the existence of the Free Planets Alliance. Declaring the FPA to be rebels to the Kaiser, war breaks out.

CE 3577 (SE 777, Imperial Year 468)Edit

CE 3595 (SE 795, Imperial Year 486)Edit

CE 3596 (SE 796, Imperial Year 487)Edit

CE 3597 (SE 797, Imperial Year 488)Edit

  • The FPA Civil War begins after a former FPA officer (actually working for the Empire, unbeknownst to his co-conspirators) incites a coup against the FPA government on Heinessen. A group calling itself the National Salvation Military Council takes control of the planet.
  • The FPA Civil War ends, after the NSMC discover their unwitting part in the Imperial conspiracy against their government. Power is returned to the pre-coup government.
  • Reinhard von Lohengramm defeats the Lippstadt Alliance, ending the Imperial Civil War.
  • Lohengramm's subordinates eliminate his former 'partner', Lichtenlade. Lohengramm then seizes control of the Empire and begins to institute sweeping reforms for its citizens.

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