"Twilight of the Gods Again" "Kamigami no tasogare (Ragunaroku) Futatabi" (「神々の黄昏(ラグナロック)」ふたたび)

  • Legend of Galactic Heroees OVA Episode 067


Reinhard announces the situation to all citizens within the galaxy. Reinhard covers the failure of Lennenkanpt and the selling out of Yang and Lennenkanpt by the Alliance government. He further declares Treaty of Barlat's spirit has been desecrated with the only solution being force. Yang realizes that he has been cut off from allying himself with the Alliance government. Bucock returns from retirement. The next day, Reinhard announces the fleet organization for the second Ragnarok operation. Alliance diplomat Odets desperately heads into Imperial territory to ask for a ceasefire.

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