"Under the Golden Lion Flag (Goldenlöwe)" "Ōgon Shishi Ki (Gōrudenrūve) no Moto ni" (黄金獅子旗(ゴールデンルーヴェ)の下に)

  • Legend of Galactic Heroees OVA Episode 066


Reinhard considers the possibility of Yang joining the Empire. Hildegard considers the different power groups at play. The current balance of power is divided between the Empire, the Alliance, Yang, El Facil, Phezzan merchants, Earth Cultists, and Goldenbaum loyalists. Yang is seen as a possible unifier of the Alliance, El Facil, and Phezzan merchants. Meanwhile Silverberche, the Imperial Secretary of Industry starts construction of the new Imperial capital in Phezzan. During a high level staff meeting, Reinhard decides that the Galactic unification of humanity is vital.

Background InformationEdit




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