Zephyr Particles

Zephyr Particles are a highly explosive, highly combustible element used primarily in demolition work. Their exceptional destructive power quickly led to them being used in combat situations. Zephyr Particles are too small to be seen with the eye, don't smell and don't need oxygen to explode, so they can be used in both space and within an atmosphere. However, they do need to be activated with an energy beam, such as gunfire or warship cannons.

Examples of use

Zephyr Particles are used throughout the series, most notably by Walter von Schekopp, during the capture of Iserlohn Fortress (activating it with rifle fire), and by Siegfried Kircheis's fleet, to disable the Artemis Necklace protecting a planet. In that case the particles were activated by the Necklace itself, when it opened fire against the Imperial Fleet. Other examples of use are the Rosenritter infiltration of a hotel during Yang's imprisonment, to destroy staircases, or the assassination attempt on Reinhard von Lohengram by Hilda's cousin.

Other references

Right after the Lippstadt War, when the idea of a moving fortress to besiege Iserlohn is conceived, the existence of directional Zephyr Particles is mentioned. These consist of unmanned drones that spread Zephyr particles from their sides as they navigate through space. The Imperial Fleet uses directional Zephyr Particles during the Battle of the Corridor, to blast their way through a minefield.

Zephyr Particles are also used in the mining industry. After the subjugation of the FPA and while Reuenthal is still under arrest, an underground Zephyr Particle Generator in Heinessen explodes, causing a fire that consumes half of the former FPA capital.

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